Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eight weeks out..

First of all, I just want to say sorry for not updating in weeks! My extended family has been going through some extremely personal and difficult issues, and my husband, daughter, and I have been entrenched right in the middle of it. But I am extremely thankful because we are now in our own place! YAY! We haven't lived on our own for a year and a half, so this is great! I am loving it. I am sorry I haven't updated you all. I have truly missed reading your blogs and all of your support. But I am back, and I am excited to start reading everyone's blogs again!

Good news: even with all of this family drama, I have managed to lose 22 lbs since my surgery. That is 22 lbs in eight weeks. SCORE! That is 32 lbs total since pre-op. I had my first fill last Thursday. It was interesting. Of course, my doc wanted to know why I had gone to Mexico. He asked me in a very condescending way, but I have thick skin, so I just told him upfront: I had no insurance. He asked me how much I paid. I thought that was kind of personal but told him anyway. It seems I saved approximately $4500 total going to Mexico than using him for my surgery. Even though this isn't an issue of who was cheaper, money was a factor. And I felt very confident with my choice of a surgeon. She was fantastic, and so was the whole team.

The fill itself was not what I expected. He had me lay down, felt for my port, numbed me (thank GOD), and just stuck it in. I couldn't look! Then he had me sit up and drink half a cup of water to see if any of it came up. It didn't. Then I laid back down and he asked if the water came up a little. It did, so he took some out. He said he put 1cc into my 10cc band. He also said he hates 10cc bands because there is less room for error when it comes to how much fluid can be in it. He said they also tend to be tighter, so that's why doctors are trying to get away from them. He also said he can't guarantee me any results since he didn't place my band. That's understandable. And he said he'd like to see me in a month or two, but if I am losing weight at a good rate, then I don't have to come back until I feel like I need to. So I made an appointment for May, but I don't know that I'll be using it. He also said I should do a clear liquid diet for three days post fill.. haha, let's just say I failed miserably at it.

When it comes to restriction, I am unsure if I have it at this point. Before the fill, I didn't feel hungry for breakfast. Post fill, I have felt hungry for breakfast. Kinda weird, eh? Mainly I've been eating mini-meals throughout the day. This morning I had a piece of whole grain toast, a slice of melted cheddar, and a couple slices of turkey on it. It's held me over for two hours, and now I'm thinking about lunch.

My jeans are starting to get too loose. I love it! Only thing is I am too broke to buy new ones. But I absolutely REFUSE to complain!

I love and miss you guys and promise to post and comment much more often now that things with the extended family are settling down.

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