Thursday, August 12, 2010

Am I working the band?

I have no idea if I am working the band like it's supposed to work. Lately I've been counting calories. I promised myself I would never do this!! But I told myself, "hey, it will get you into the habit of at least knowing what is healthy and what isn't and you can re-teach yourself to eat again." But I find the idea of a food journal completely BLECH. And counting calories to reach 1200?? WTF? I don't wanna be on Weight Watchers my whole life! So this leaves me here: do I need a fill? I've never wondered if I needed a fill or not before because at the slow pace my surgeon is filling me, I always do. But after my last fill, I actually started to PB regularly on things I knew were bad for my band (steak, reheated meat, skin on vegetables). Even though I feel more restricted, I still feel like I can 1) eat too much before I get full and 2) get too hungry in between meals. My surgeon always asks how many bites I can eat before I get full. I never counted, but I'm thinking it's roughly 15-20. I don't know how many is normal. But I feel like I'm relying too much on my own calorie counting to lose this weight. Is that possible? I mean, I know I need to be accountable for what I eat, but it just feels like another Weight Watchers diet right now. Any advice? I don't have an appointment with him until the end of September, and I'm not sure he wants to see me back any sooner. Lol.

On the weight front, I am hovering between 226-227. I do pretty well eating until evening time. My husband doesn't get home from work until 8pm, so if I wait to eat dinner with him, I always see a gain on the scale the next morning. I think I'm gonna have to start eating earlier and just reheat his dinner for him when he gets home. That is hard, though, because dinner is such a "social" time for us. We love sharing mealtime together.

Maybe I will keep a food diary just to stay accountable and see if anyone else thinks I need a fill from eating too much or too often.

Also, if you are following my blog and I'm not following yours, please leave me a link! It's hard to find everyone's blogs, and I want to follow everyone's journey, so if I haven't added yours, it's not personal! Just leave a link in the comments, and I will! :)


  1. I feel the sames as you! I can't wait to just get full from a small amount. I have to count calories & journal my food or I will gain.

  2. For me, if I cannot stay full min of 3 hours on one cup of food, it's fill time. I counted calories @ the beginning, but now with proper restriction, by time I eat 3 oz of protein & a couple bites of veggies, I'm full.

  3. You'll get there-- it's a learning process for everyone... one thing that I do if I feel like things aren't going right is do a food plan for ONE day. That's it. Planning out what I'll eat for a day gives me confidence, helps me eat the right things and it usually resets my approach for a while.
    Hang in there!

  4. Ashley, it sounds like you might need a little fill, so definitely mention all of this at your next appointment. No need to count calories with the band -- just make healthy food choices, have your protein first, and stop when you are full. If you eat before your husband gets home, you can still sit and talk to him while he has his. :) No reason to lose that nice time together!

    Congratulations on being 56 pounds down! That is fantastic! :)

  5. Thanks for all of your comments! :)

    Dinnerland, the obsessive planner in me loves planning out my meals. It definitely leaves me feeling more confident about the day ahead and keeps me from making impulsive choices like, "hey, let's get mcdonald's!"

    Catherine, thank you! I think you are right. I may try and move up my appointment by a couple of weeks. I really aim to reach the goal of not calorie counting but just eating healthy foods by default therefore mantaining a healthy weight. :)



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