Thursday, June 10, 2010

Checking in

Hey! I'm just checking in with everyone. It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. A lot of cool things are happening.

1) My husband got a new job. That is awesome because that means he won't be in retail anymore. YAY! His hours are going to change, though, from 8-5 to 10-7. That will be a little of an adjustment for us.

2) I've been writing a book. Kind of weird to admit, but yes, I have been working on a novel for which I've had an idea for months. I started working on character and plot development about a month and a half ago, and now I am putting it all down and actually starting the story. My dream is to sell it to a publisher, but I am damn committed to finishing something I started.

3) I've been blogging about prayer.
I'm not sure how to explain it other than to say you'll have to check it out for yourself. I finally admitted to my pastor husband that I don't believe in the power of prayer, and that blog is my journey into believing again. Make any sense? No, I didn't think so. You'll just have to read it for yourself here, haha:

4) I've started school again. Yes, this session I am taking human biology and state & government. Woohoo! Only 2 1/2-3 more years until I get my BA. It seems like forever away right now, but I know it will pay off later.

With all that's been going on, I don't have much free time lately. And top all of that off, God has really been convicting me about the way I spend my time. I feel as if he saying, "You were bought at a price. Your life is not your own." This is refreshing because for the past year, I have been wandering through my life desperately trying to feel like serving others again. Now it's back with a vengeance! I am ready to do something crazy for Jesus just like I was when we moved to Illinois.

In the weight loss area, I have been feeling pretty discouraged. I have only lost 7 lbs in the last 8-9 weeks. That is utterly depressing to me. I know, I know, at least I'm losing. I just feel like it's going way too slowly. I have a couple of concerns. Firstly, I feel like I can eat way too much. My problem is I can be totally satisfied at one bowl of cereal, but before I realize I am satisfied, I go back for a second bowl. Yuck. I hate that. Secondly, I don't know if I have enough of a fill or if the doctor I'm using is giving them often enough. My second fill was on May 6 and he didn't want to see me again until July 3. Is that normal? If not, I wonder if he is just worried because I was banded in MX? Lastly, I just don't feel like I stay full long enough. I eat breakfast, then less than two hours later, I am hungry again. I usually try to drink a large glass of something when I get this feeling. If it doesn't go away (and it usually never does), I eat a snack. I just feel like I stay hungrier than I used to before I was banded. Does anyone else feel like this? Or is it all in my head? lol.


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