Monday, June 28, 2010

Do you have a "no no" list?

I so deserve an asskicking. I am hacking up cold pizza right now! Lately, I have been a LOT tighter in the morning than ever before. However, I keep forgetting until I eat something. Yesterday I tried to eat the hard, crusty edges of a biscuit. I had to wait for it to pass. Today I tried to grab a small thin crust slice of cold pizza--heck no--I am now sitting in the bathroom floor. Damn. Protein shakes in the morning from now on. Feeling this way is NOT worth it.

In other good news, I finally reached the 230's. Later than I planned, but hey, I got there so that's good. Unfortunately, the night I weighed in at 239.2, I then went out to a rock 'n roll concert and overindulged in some alcohol and dinner. Blah. So I'm back up again. But I plan to be back down by my third appointment for a fill which is this Thursday. I'm pretty excited about getting a fill. Hopefully this will be the last one I need for a while.

Well I better go finish hacking up this pizza. Lesson learned. I need to start a "no-no" foods list. Currently the ones right now that I cannot do are:

Cold pizza
Soft bread
Soft tortillas
Deli meat
Soft crusted pizza
Leftover pasta


  1. Hi Ashley, congrats on the 230s! I always have a bounce after I hit a new low. Super annoying but par for the course for me, so I don't get too worked up about it.

    As for a no-no list, it depends how tight my band is. I could do anything before I had a fill, and still had a lot of freedom with 4 cc's in my 10 cc band. Now I'm at 5.5 cc's and I have to be careful. No pizza for me, no bread, no tortillas, no pasta. I haven't eaten steak although I've had crumbled hamburger meat in shepherd's pie. Chicken is OK sometimes but I've had some trouble with that too. Deli meat is OK as long as I'm reallllllly careful.

    The difference between 4 cc's and 5.5 cc's is amazing to me. But that's why I signed up for this, right?

    I hope you feel better. It's so miserable sitting there waiting for relief.

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment. This slow losing stuff is frustrating sometimes and I agree with Kristin-always a bounce back effect. Good luck with the no no list.


  3. Congrats on reaching the 230's and I hear you about the 'no no' list. Sounds like starchy foods are your big 'bugaboo.'
    This may change-- but not alot.
    I didn't even try to eat pizza until I was around 5 months out from the band-- and now I find that I can eat it. (I have never been a huge pizza fan...but it is actually a pretty good lunch or dinner if you can get it to work.)
    That said: I have to eat a slice for about 20 minutes, chewing VERY carefully and COLD pizza is OUT of the question.
    The band is a learning curve for sure. You'll figure all of it out in time...

  4. @Kristin-- thank you! Yes, it does seem as if every time I reach a new low that I fluctuate right afterwards. It's such a mean trick! lol.

    @Tina- Thanks :)

    @Dinnerland (and it's a shame I don't know your real name)- I appreciate the feedback. You are absolutely right--this is a learning curve. Right when I think I've got it all down, the band goes and surprises me again.



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