Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Funny text message

I thought you may get a kick out of this text conversation with my husband.


Me: I want cookies

Me: And taco bell!!!!!

Him: Lol

Me: I want a five layer burrito

Me: I'll be your bff

Me: I'm dying

Me: My head hurts :(

Him: Sorry baby

Him: Popsicle

Me: Ew. I need some meat to sustain me

Me: Help me cheat?

Him: lol you'd hate me later

Me: But I'd love you now

Basically I am having the worst case of hunger known to man. Or me, at least. Probably because I was lazy and didn't want to cook so I only had a snack for lunch so I could eat more at dinner. Definitely won't make THAT mistake again!

I keep wondering, how important is this first week of dieting for a successful surgery? It seems like only the last nine days would be *really* necessary. First four days are 1,000 cals plus protein shakes and the last five days are strictly liquids. This week of 1,200 cals seems unnecesary. I do see the good side of it, though. It gets me used to eating like I should. I just don't want to starve through it. I hate eating this way because I can only eat certain foods at certain times. If I did this diet my way, I'd only eat when I wanted to and make the best choices that I could. This just seems like jail. Alas, it is *my way* that got me this big, so I'll shut up.

Ignore me. It's the hunger talking. :)


  1. sorry you are having the hungry horrors! I know my Dr had preop diet in place because they need our liver not to be fatty for surgery. So there is some medical reasons. Hang in there!!


  2. Nicole, that makes sense but at the same time it doesn't. What about the people who have no pre-op diets or just have one for a few days before? Hmm..I will have to do some more research.

    Oh, and I did have a burrito. And then another. FAIL on my part. But at least I'm being honest! lol.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    The first few days are definitely tough but hang in there. On day two I could have gnawed my own hand off. As Nicole commented, it helps to shrink the liver for surgery and makes it easier for the surgeon to do his/her job. I also found it helped post-op as by then I was used to eating much smaller portions.

    Just take it one meal and one day at a time; you can do it!

  4. My Surgeon told me that if my Liver wasn't shrunk enough for him to be able to move it out of the way, while placing the Lap Band, then he would cancel the Surgery until I lost enough & my Liver had shrunk enough!! So that made me want to make sure that I lost at least the minimum he said was necessary!!

    The Liver sits in front of the Stomach & they need to pull it up, out of the way in order to see the top of the Stomach.

    Sorry that you are having such a hard time on the Pre-Op Diet!! It usually gets better by the 2nd-4th day.

  5. Myself also, just like Debs doc... - no shrinkage of the liver - no surgery .. EEEK! I stuck to my pre-op like glue. Hang in there, the first few days are horrible but you do get used to it. Every time you think of swaying say.. I'm doing this to get a small liver!!! It helps.. it really does. Hang in there!

  6. You can do this! I know its tough, I never stopped being hungry during preop. Just keep focused on the gold *surgery*

  7. Thanks everyone! I understand the shrinkage of the liver, but when I asked my nutritionist about it (the liaison between my surgeon and I), she said the diet's purpose was to lose intra abdominal fat. I asked her about the liver and she said shrinking it wasn't necessary. I don't know, I feel like I've been cheated of a real answer on their end. I may send her an email. I have been emailing her like crazy and bugging her a lot as surgery gets closer. I'm sure she is tired of me, lol :)

    Thanks for your all's input and encouragement. When I start to crave again, I will keep all this in mind!

  8. She is right (nutritionist) it is to shrink the intra-abdominal fat on the liver vs. shrinking the liver its self.

    There was a person, whom I can't recall, on these blogs who's doctor stopped the surgery and she had to do it again due to a fatty liver.

    It so SUCKS! day three was the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! but it gets eaiser and it is temporary.
    ONLY TEMPORARY :) and in a few weeks you can have a burrito again (or just half of one) and it will last for hours and be just as tasty!!!!

    I am so excited for you to do this at such a young age! You are going to have so many more happy & healthy years than some of us will get.

    Hang in there :)

  9. Jen,

    Thank you for the clarification. That actually makes a lot more sense than it did before.

    Here's to hoping my liver shrinks appropriately!! :)

  10. Hi Ash-for me they are trying to shrink my fatty liver and a bit of abdominal fat. Not everyone has fat build up in their liver but since I am older and have elevated liver enzymes, they want me on this low cal diet to shrink my actual liver to make it easier for surgery. You can do it. Just keep the faith.

  11. Wow your husband handled that text conversation with a lot of tact! Stick to the pre op diet you'll be happy later! ;-)

  12. Hey Ashley.. everyone has pretty much told about the liver part.. the other thing is that the pre op kind of gets your head in the right place.. also the first few days after the band you are not going to want to eat much (I thought I turn anorexic, fat chance). Hang in there space out your food if you can you are going through carb depletion too.. that kinda makes you crazy

  13. Ashley,

    Thanks for commenting at my blog! I also appreciate all the helpful info you left there for me.

    So......when is your surgery? I remember well the pre-op diet. My doc had me doing a 2 Slimfast and 1 regular (lite) meal a day for 2 weeks prior to surgery, followed by a clear liquid diet the day before. I was sooooooo hungry! You can do it though. :-)

    I'm going to read the rest of your blog, looks great.




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