Saturday, January 16, 2010

A gift to all my friends and followers!

I have something I'd like to share with you. While my husband was a pastor and we were living in Illinois, we lived with a family for a few months who became very close to our hearts. When we moved in with them, they had just finished losing all the weight they needed to and were working on maintenance. Every morning they would weigh themselves and mark it on a chart taped to their bathroom mirror. Then once every few weeks, the husband would enter their numbers in an Excel spreadsheet and it would show a physical graph of how much weight they lost/gained. He did this so they would have a daily physical reminder of their achievements.

He sent me the spreadsheet, and I want to share it with you. If you are the type of person who weighs every day and needs a reminder of how you are doing, this is just the thing to tape on your bathroom mirror and keep track!

I have uploaded the spreadsheet to for you to download. If for some reason the link doesn't work, please leave me a comment with your email address and I will email it to you. This link will only be valid for 7 days. There are instructions inside the spreadsheet, but let me know if you still have questions. I am not an Excel whiz, but I'm sure I can always email our friend to get your answers.

Here is the link: Weight Loss Spreadsheet.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Wow! Thanks, I might just look into this. I need some affirmation!

  2. I hope you find it useful! I'm sure there are tools for this online, but it sure would be nice to have something to look at every day to remind me :)

  3. OOO! I love it :) I DLed it and I am tweeking it now...OMG. THANKS SO MUCH! This kinda makes it I weigh everyday or still will be nice to see a chart! Thanks so so so much! :D

  4. very kind of you to send this out! I heart excel!!

  5. You all are welcome! I hope you enjoy. I love Excel, too :) I am an organization freak though LOL.

  6. This is awesome! This will help a lot. I weigh myself everyday. There are times where I can't remember what I weighed a few days ago.

  7. I know this is almost a month old..but can you email me the spreadsheet?




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