Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A pre-band challenge and a post-band victory

As I gear up for my pre-op diet that begins on Monday, I am putting things in order before I leave for surgery. The thing dearest and most important to me is my 11-month old daughter's care while my husband and I are in Mexico for three days. See, she is our first. And I stay at home with her. So I am VERY attached. She usually spends part of the night in our bed, and I enjoy snuggling with her. The thought of leaving her for three nights is almost too much to bear. I didn't even think of this before I booked the surgery. I'm kind of glad I didn't because it probably would have caused me to delay it. However, I am gonna miss her like crazy. She is my princess. My dad and stepmom have offered to keep her and so have my in-laws (whom we live with). I am torn on who to leave her with. Both places have their upsides. If I leave her here, she will be home but I am afraid she will be neglected some as this family isn't very organized. I know I would come back to her things being a complete wreck. I am leaning towards leaving her with my dad. She LOVES her papa and he adores her. My only worry is she'll be too much of a burden on them because she still wakes up once at night to eat. My dad has assured me it would be no problem and I have no worries leaving her with them. They are the most attentive caregivers and are prompt to change her and feed her. To be completely honest, my in-laws are kind of lazy about all of that and try to pass it off on each other. I think for my utmost peace of mind that we will leave her with my dad.

Okay, so basically I wrote the first paragraph to settle all that in my mind. Thanks for sticking with me through that part, haha.

The second part of this post is definitely for females only and may be a little TMI, but I am already thinking of positives of getting the lap band. My favorite part is that I just had my period, so I won't be going through pre-op with an insane urge to eat a Hershey's chocolate bar! I will be newly banded when I get my next period and unable to eat much but liquids. I know you girls can appreciate that! Lol.

So yes, I am ready to do this. I am on my way to being a healthier and happier me :)


  1. Yeah, I was going to say you should leave her with your dad. ;) That way, you have some peace of mind.

    Good luck with your trip and your surgery. I'll be thinking about you!

  2. I agree Ashley. From your descriptions, I too would have chosen your Dad, for your Daughter to stay with. Glad to know that at least you will have some peace of mind knowing that she will be well taken care of.

    Will be thinking of you during your Surgery & Post Op as well!!!

  3. Sounds like you've got a great childcare plan with your dad. Your little girl will NEVER remember you being gone for these three days, but she will benefit for years from having a healthy, energetic mom to do things with. Hang in there, and GOOD LUCK with your pre-op diet.

  4. Thank you all for the encouragement. It is definitely good for my soul to have other people confirm that I am indeed doing the right thing! :)



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