Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last Summer vs. This Summer

August 2009.
280 lbs.
Still in maternity pants from giving birth in February.

July 2010.
236 lbs.
Size 22 capris.

Yes, that is the same shirt in both photos-- one of my favorites. Hopefully there is a noticeable difference. In the top picture, my shirt fit so tightly. Now it is super loose!

I am hovering at 236 lbs right now. I had a fill on Thursday. I can definitely tell I am less hungry, but I'm afraid I'm not getting enough "good" calories in. And I'm certainly not exercising. Time for me to amp it up, baby!


  1. what a difference! you look reat!

  2. Your face shows the difference. Whenever I feel the need add extra good stuff but restriction is good, I add healthy juices like cranberry for extra antioxidents!

  3. thank you all for the compliments and also for the advice! I am not a huge cranberry fan, but that's not a bad idea to add healthy juices. I'll try it!



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