Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I had my last Thanksgiving as a fat person. That felt nice. This time I tried not to overindulge too much, but it's hard to do that when you go to three different houses offering food! I did feel good at the end of the day, though, and I feel I didn't push myself as far as I have in the past.

February is approaching fast. I'm excited and more nervous than ever. I sometimes try and talk myself out of this surgery. Truthfully, there's things in this life I feel I need more than this surgery, but if not for this surgery, I may not be around to enjoy my life as fully as I should. And in the end, I will appreciate all the sacrifice, ESPECIALLY the sacrifices my amazing husband is making. I mean, we could move out this month. Instead we're waiting until April so that I can get surgery. This is a huge sacrifice for us because it is so hard for us to live in someone else's house. But we are so excited, and I'm excited to see myself a year from now next Thanksgiving!!


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